What To Expect

As our clients, you are extremely important to us, and we aim for your first visit to be memorable. To help create a great first visit, we want you to know what to expect and what to do to be comfortable.

Your Preparation

In preparation for your massage, we recommend that you do not eat for at least 90 minutes prior to your appointment. During your massage we will be working to increase the blood circulation throughout your peripheral body to aid in the healing process. This can cause poor digestion during the session as well as possible discomfort from the pressure of massage on a full stomach.

Your Arrival

Please arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment at Flourish Massage & Bodywork.

We will ask that you fill out a one-time brief and confidential health intake form. You can download that document here prior to your visit to save time. It is very important that you disclose any injuries, allergies or ailments from which you have suffered in the past as they can still be causing imbalances in the body.

Helpful tip: Arriving early is a great time to leave work and other concerns behind. You are here to relax, so bring your peace of mind.

Your Assessment

You and your therapist will go over the form before starting the therapy, discuss potential concerns, and determine the best type of treatment for you.

Helpful tip: Communicate openly with your therapist; we are here to listen to your needs.

Your Massage

Your massage therapist will lead you to our comfortable therapy room where a place for your belongings will be shown to you. Expect a tranquil and comfortable environment with relaxing music playing. Our massage tables are padded and heated, and the table can be adjusted depending on your needs.

During the massage, you will be covered/draped with a crisp clean sheet and blanket at all times. Only the area being worked will be exposed. We will be applying oils and lotions to your body, which will nourish your skin and allow for a smoother gliding massage technique.

Helpful tip: Massage therapy is a holistic practice and it is important creating a space for you to connect with your body, mind and spirit.

Your Healing

After your massage, it is common to feel a little tender in areas or stiff the next day. This is simply the effect of toxins leaving your muscle tissue. The best way to hydrate your muscles and flush these toxins from your body is to drink plenty of water. Massage is most effective when we work together to heal your body and some recommendations will be made to help you reach your goals for healing more safely and quickly.

Helpful tip: Taking a long warm bath with Epsom Salt after your massage greatly enhances the benefits of your massage.